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Breaking Together Duet

Part One 

A car crash flipped her world upside down.


Cora’s carefully constructed world shatters with just one sentence. As the type of girl who reads the epilogue before she reads the first page, she’s lost when her five-year plan implodes and she no longer knows the ending to her own story. Escape is the only thing on her mind. So she leaves behind the socialite city life for a small town where no one reads the Dallas society pages. 


He’s always searching for the next thrill.


Adventure-seeking Silas refuses to be tied down. He has one motto: never trust a woman. His father seared those words into his head from a young age, but he didn’t listen and got burned by the two people he trusted most. He’d rather fling himself out of a plane without his parachute than make that mistake again. 


When Cora trespasses on Silas’s land, tempers flare and sparks fly. Soon witty barbs turn to passion-filled nights. Suddenly Cora is truly living for the first time, and Silas might just learn to trust again.


But, someone watches from the shadows, determined to break them apart. The pain of their pasts is nothing compared to what’s coming for them. 

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