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She’s always existed in someone else’s shadow.


Caroline never thought she was good enough, always believing that little voice in the back of her head.


For the first time, Caroline is determined to ignore those feelings. She’s living for herself, loving her job as a vet, making a difference. Her simple and easy life is everything she could want, except for one thing…


He’s never let anyone see beneath his carefully crafted façade.


Kiernan has always been the life of the party. But he’s tired of no one expecting more from him than a good time. He’s ready for a purpose, to do some good in the world.


From the moment he walks into Caroline’s clinic, she knows who he is. The high school crush who never had a clue she existed. His handsome face threatens to resurrect all her self-doubt. But that was the old her. 


When Caroline is threatened, she knows exactly whose doorstep to turn up on. Kiernan vows to protect her but, from the beginning, it’s more than a job.


She is his purpose. He is her missing piece. 


But before they can discover everything they’ve been missing, a killer may take it all from them...

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