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One night changed an entire town.


Ten years ago, I left Hawk Valley. 


I never planned to return. Not to the regrets. The bitter memories. The guilt.


My baseball career gave me both the excuse and the money I needed to start over. Then my mom called, and I found myself headed back to the one place I swore I wouldn’t step foot again.


Meeting Delilah wasn’t part of the plan. Falling in love with her adorable son was even less so. And yet, what’s brewing between us is too intense to be denied. The unexpected passion is almost enough to distract us from the crumbling of both our worlds.


But even as the sparks fly, someone is waiting in the shadows to burn it all down.

Vow of Retribution FOR WEB.jpg

She had everything stolen from her in a blink of an eye. He watched his mistakes turn him into a man he didn’t recognize.


Learning to fight was never on the top of Savannah’s list of things to do. Until learning to defend herself was the only option she had. To keep her focus she’s had to build walls around her heart. Trust isn’t a risk she can afford—especially when her past could catch up with her at any moment. But Liam…


Liam will do whatever it takes to win Savannah’s love. But he has his own battles to wage, his own redemption to win. Trying to balance both may cost him everything.


When flames engulf them, will they be able to rise from the ashes?

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